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King's College London - maxwell Society

A Trip to Bulgaria

June 16, 2018

Maxwell Society Bulgaria Trip In June 2018 


The Maxwell Society travelled to Bulgaria for a week of astrophotography, stargazing, lectures and sightseeing. 20 members including the organisers Yoana and Elis flew to Sofia on Monday 11th. 


Following a first day in Sofia we travelled to Rozhen, stopping in Plovdiv for lunch and more sightseeing. On the first night in Rozhen we were treated to a welcome dinner of traditional food and enough cake to last us for the entire week, following which we took the bus up to the observatory as twilight set in, and prepared for a night of observations.

We were extremely lucky to have completely clear skies on the first night, the trip had been planned to coincide with a new moon, and the night sky was astonishingly bright. To such an extent that in the early hours of the morning the milky way was visible to the naked eye, and at least a dozen shooting stars over the hours we spent stargazing. We used a 30cm telescope to look at Jupiter, Saturn and the large and small Magellan clouds, and set up 3 cameras to take long exposure photographs of the night sky.

Sadly the next two observation nights were overcast and raining, and so our plans to take more photographs were scrapped. Thankfully the researchers at the observatory gave us some fantastic lectures on their current research, including periodicity of X-ray binaries and astrometry using the Gaia observatory. The Maxwell Society is incredibly grateful to NAO Rozhen for hosting us! Keep up with their work here: www.rozhen.org


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June 16, 2018

February 27, 2018

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