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The 19-20 Lecture Series
27th January 2020

Dark matter is one of the most beautiful and baffling problems in physics - the identity of 85% of the matter in the universe is still unknown. I will describe how we know dark matter exists, and our best ideas as to what it might be. I will explore how my work in fundamental physics and in comedy are linked in their creativity. I will discuss the role of creativity and narrative in STEM, from both a personal perspective and an academic one. Working in STEM is often portrayed as all-consuming, but I have found that the advantages of adding stand-up comedy to my career have significantly outweighed the disadvantages.

Dark Matter and Creativity
Dr Francesca Chadha-Day
24th February 2020
Cancelled Due to UCU Industrial strike action
Professor David Tong 
23rd march 2020
cancelled due to global pandemic and entering lockdown
Dr Katelyn Spillane
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